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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dawat-e-Islami--A Non Political Islamic Movement

"Dawat-e-Islami"is a worldwide non-political movement, which has changed the minds of young Muslim and converted a large number of non-Muslims into a true Muslim. Alhamdu-Lillah in 1401 ah (1981) in Baab-ul-Madina Karachi(Pakistan), Dawateislami, the international non-political movement for the preaching of Qur'an and Sunnah started under the leadership of Ameer-e-Ahl e Sunnat, Hazrat Allama Molana Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri Razavi Ziyaee and a few "Islami Bhai" to begin the work of this Madani Movement. As a result of the blessings and bestowals of Allah, the favoring of the Holy Prophet, the auspiciousness of the blessed companions and as a result of the attributions of the great saints of Ahle Sunnah, the Madani Qafilay of these lovers of the Beloved began their journey full of Sunnah from city to city and town to town and worldwide.
The movement is preaching Islam in the Non-Muslims and teaching the Muslims that, which is the best way to live. The work of the movement is being continued by the blessing of Allah in 70 countries. Muballgheen of Dawateislami are also going in those areas of the world, where the ethical condition of the people is very poor, where the people don't even know that is there any Allah. They don’t know what Islam is and what its teachings are. A large number of Madni Qafilas are going in the each corner of the world and motivating peoples to learn about Islam. These Islami Bhai present a complete picture of a true Muslim. Dawateislami is building Masajids in all over the world. A huge contribution in the spread of Islam and making the Muslims aware about the teachings of their Beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), is the establishment of Faizan-e-Madina and Madarisa-tul-Madinah in all over the world. These Madrisas are preparing “Muftiyan Karam”, Hafiz-e-Quran without taking any benefits. Moreover, the knowledge of Information Technology, use of computers and English Language is also being taught in these Madrisa. Ameer-e-Ahl e Sunnat Hazrat Molana Ilyas Attar Qadri Razavi Ziyaee started this movement with the pure intention to enliven the teachings of our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), by making the Muslims aware about the Quran Hadith and Sunnah.
Love for The Messenger of Allah began to be distributed and Alhamdu-Lillah due to the spreading of knowledge by the learned people of Islam especially Alla Hazrat and due to the fear of Allah and love of the Holy Prophet held by the Mubalagheen, millions of Muslims became strict in praying Salaah, countless thieves, dacoits, fornicators, drunkards and other criminals repented and became true lovers of The Holy Prophet and emerged as respectful Muslims in society.

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